Paintball Games

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paintball_parysBachelor Parties are supposed to make memories for a lifetime. What better way to do that than to play paintball with all your friends!

Bachelor Adventures has become one of the leading team-building service providers in Parys for paintball activities.

Done in the bushes with large open spaces, we play war games of capture the flag. Your group will be divided into teams and compete against your mates. Who will last the longest and succeed in the challenge. This activity takes 1 – 2 hours depending on group size.

Originally this was a way for forestry workers to mark trees and also by cattle Farmers to mark there cattle, but soon became a sport for friends, families and colleagues to play against each other. After the first matched played by 3 guys paintball splattered onto the adventure market and is currently the 3rd most popular sport played in the USA.

Here at Bachelor Adventures we make it interesting…. You will be divided into even teams and will then take on each other in a quest to capture the other team’s flag and win the game. We provide you with the gear you will need, you will then play 3 rounds with __ balls per person per round. This is a great idea for bachelor parties as well as a fun activity for families to partake in.


With this activity the groups need to free as many hostages as possible without getting “killed”. The more hostages freed, the stronger your team!

Proposed Program for Paintball

• The facilitators will give a safety briefing.
• The group will be divided into even teams.
• Let the games begin


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While all care is taken and safety rules are outlined and adhered to, there is an element of risk. Participants accept full responsibility for injury to themselves or others and must cover the loss/damage to property during an activity conducted by Archery Adventures and release Archery Adventures and its personnel from any claims which may arise.

Activity Summary

Duration of team building - 1-2 hours

Level of activity - Low to medium

Group size for team building - 8 to 120

Location - Parys

Trained First Aider - Yes onsite

Paramedic - On Standby

How do I Book?

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